Journal of Laboratory Physicians

The official journal of The Indian Association of Laboratory Physicians (IALP)

Journal of Laboratory Physicians (JLP) is the official journal of The Indian Association of Laboratory Physicians (IALP), a professional, literary, non-commercial, organization founded in 1990. It aims to promote the laboratory sciences in all hemispheres. With the tremendous advancements in clinical care and developments in science, diagnostic branches like pathology, microbiology, immunology, biochemistry and radiology have come into forefront in patient management. Globally, there has been an increase in patients on life support systems, immunocompromised patients, preterm and geriatric patients, adding a new dimension to diagnostic medicine. Having this aim, the association started JLP in 2009, as a bi-annual journal. It became a quarterly publication in 2017.

The journal publishes original communications on all aspects of biomedical research and teaching in laboratory procedures contributing to the advancement of knowledge in all sub-specialties of diagnostic medicine. The scope of the journal allows publication of original research papers, review articles, recent and novel laboratory procedures, case reports, case discussions, and letters to the Editor on any aspect of diagnostic and laboratory medicine including clinical biochemistry, clinical microbiology (bacteriology, mycology, mycobacteriology, parasitology, and virology), clinical pathology (including chemical pathology, surgical pathology, cytopathology, hematology), immunology/serology including HIV/AIDS, human and animal genetics, endocrinology and hormone assays, applied biotechnology, nuclear medicine, molecular biology and other related disciplines. JLP is also associated with AIIMS, Bhopal and prestigious associations like Indian Pharmacological Society etc. The journal focuses on original articles and case reports predominantly and follows a double-blinded peer review process.